Multi-Cultural Competence Training Center Evaluation Form

Session Title
Please check the number that best represents your reaction to the training
Overall, how would you rate this training?
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How relevant was the information to your needs?
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How would you rate the instructor?
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How much did your attitude or feelings about the topic change?
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How helpful were the exercises used in this training?
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How would you rate the training materials (handouts, charts, audio/visual, video, etc)?
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How often will you be able to use what you learned?
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The content of the training was generally: (check one)

Too basic or elementary

Too advanced or technical

At the right level for me

Suggestions for further training topics
*If you would be willing to be contacted to give us more feedback,
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Mental Health Cultural Competence Training Center
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Egg Harbor Twp., NJ 08234
Telephone: (609) 569-0239

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